Texas Youth Power Alliance will harness the full power of young people to transform the state of Texas

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Who We Are

Texas Youth Power Alliance (TYPA) was founded in 2018, by Jolt Initiative, Texas Rising (a project of Texas Freedom Network Education Fund), MOVE San Antonio Foundation, and Youth Rise Texas with the shared purpose of harnessing the full power of young people to transform the state of Texas. TYPA is a collective of state-based, homegrown organizations that are committed to working locally to equip young people with the support, training and resources necessary to become bold, progressive and transformative leaders in Texas.

Why Now

In Texas, young people under age 30 now make up 43% of the population and 62% of them are people of color. By 2022, voters under the age of 30 will make up almost one-third of the electorate indicating that the under 30 demographic TYPA focuses on is key to building long-term change in Texas.

Our Goals

Civic Engagement
Register 300K new voters by 2020

Expand the electorate by registering and turning out hundreds of thousands of new, young voters.

Leadership development
Train 1K new leaders of color by 2020

Train young leaders of color on issue advocacy, electoral politics, and communications strategies.

Issue organizing
Launch TYPA’s Youth-Led Justice Agenda

Win on issues of importance to young people — voting rights, education not incarceration, immigration, and economic justice — to ensure a just allocation of our state’s budget and benefit the long-term success of our state’s young people.